Document Administration

Technical Proof Reading & Transcription

A transcription proofreading is part of quality assurance that works at different levels to ensure that the final document sent to the client achieves close to 98% accuracy. Transcriptionists are simultaneously typing and listening to an audio file while transcribing, which leaves the room for mistakes. Moreover, transcription is done at a rather fast pace, which it makes it prone to errors. The role of the proofreader is to be the second set of eyes and ears before a document reaches to the client, so as to maintain high accuracy levels.

Similar to medical proofreading which is considered technical, the transcription proofreader doesn’t go through the text of completed transcript while proofreading. Instead, he/she will listen to the same audio that transcriptionist has listened, and to find out errors. In addition, the proofreader is also responsible for formatting the document according to the client’s specifications. This includes using specific fonts, adding specific headers, adding or removing page numbers, and more.

Secretarial Support

We provide tailored secretarial support with an in-person assistant or remote based.

The scope of our secretarial support package includes answering calls, taking messages and handling correspondence, maintaining diaries and arranging appointments, typing, preparing and collating reports, filing organizing and servicing meetings (producing agendas and taking minutes), managing databases prioritizing workloads, implementing new procedures and administrative systems liaising with relevant organizations and clients, coordinating mailshots and similar publicity tasks, logging or processing bills or expenses, acting as a receptionist and/or meeting and greeting clients, if more senior, recruiting, training and supervising junior staff.


Through our intermediaries’ solutions and partners we provide translation services in multiple languages. We convey meaning or meanings of a given linguistic discourse from one language to another.

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